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Owning a rare book can not only be a good investment but a work of art to cherish and to pass down through generations.
Books have long been the source of family history, be it a great grandfathers signature claiming to be "his book" or a family Bible recording the dates of births, deaths and marriages.

Rare Antiquarian Books

This 19thC bookplate shows just how books were valued by their previous owners, it reads;

"If thou art borrow'd by a friend,
Right welcome shall he be,
To read, to study, not
to lend,
But to return to me.

Not that imparted know
ledge doth,
Diminish learning store,
But books I find when o
ften lent,
Return to me no more".

Read slowly; pause frequently; think seriously;

with the corners of the leaves not turned down.

Just about sums it up for me that does!

Rare Antiquarian Books

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Rare Antiquarian Books

Your rare antiquarian books can be transformed from
something "throw away" to something beautiful that can be
cherished by generations.
This set of nineteenth century Bibles were not common
but had great sentimental value which was more important

Rare Antiquarian Books

So who had a 1st edition Oliver twist, restored and bound
at Period Fine Bindings, for Christmas then?

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Rare Antiquarian Books

By creating a finer binding contemporary to the period,
your rare book will continue to increase in value with every
coming year.

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Paul Tronson at: